Friday, 4 December 2015

Ireland and the Caves of Ireland Art Project Research Phase

Research for my project based on the caves in Ireland where revolutionaries in Ireland sought refuge, up to and including the Easter 1916 Rising, The War of Independance(focus on Bian Mac Neilland his father Eoin Mac Neill. Link to background and story of Brian MacNeill also fantastic documentary by Micheal McDowel Grand Newphew of Eoin MacNeill titled "A Lost Son"
Below are some pictures I have taken of Mangerton Mountain in Killarney County Kerry, and of a cave entrance in Churchill close to Fenit,  County Kerry.
Entrance to cave near Fenit, County Kerry.
Beside entrance to cave at Fenit, Co Kerry

I am continuing my research in County Sligo.
The first part of the project focuses on the men and women of Ireland who sought refuge from the English leading up to and shortly after the Easter 1916 Rising, and later the second part of the project will gain inspiration from the individuals who used the caves during the Irish War of Independence.
The Art work will be entirely influenced by the caves, the natural beauty and  surrounding areas and the spirit of the work will be influences my the nurturing element of Mother Earth and how she protects her own...

Images can be viewed at Twitter account
Ground underfoot at the entrance way towards the base of Mangerton
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The Punch Bowl Mangerton 

Lake Mangerton

Remnant of stone building Mangerton

The path leading to the base of Mangerton the branches
are so black.